Posted on: April 16, 2020


The Seniors Protection Partnership is a collaboration of the Edmonton Police Service, the City of Edmonton, Catholic Social Services, Covenant Health, and Sage (Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton). Our mission is to prevent and respond to elder abuse by working in partnership with the community, thereby enhancing the well being of older adults.

Physical Abuse

  • Physical abuse includes any kind of physical assault, such as slapping, pushing, kicking, punching, or injuring with an object or weapon. I
  • t also includes deliberate exposure to severe weather, inappropriate use of medication and unnecessary physical restraint.

Sexual Abuse

  • Sexual abuse includes any forced sexual activity.

Psychological Abuse

  • Psychological abuse includes humiliation, isolation, intimidation, threats, and inappropriate control of activities.
  • Removal of decision making power when the elderly person is still competent to make his/her own decision is also considered to be psychological abuse.

Financial Abuse

  • Financial Abuse includes the misuse of the elderly person’s funds or property through fraud, trickery or force.

Medication Abuse

  • This is the misuse of an older person’s medications and prescriptions on purpose or by accident.
  • It may include withholding medication, over-medicating or not complying with prescriptions refills.


  • Neglect is any lack of action required to meet the needs of an elderly person.
  • It includes inadequate provision of food, clothing, shelter, required medication or other kinds of health and personal care, as well as social companionship.

Passive Neglect is the unintentional failure to fulfil a caretaking obligation; infliction of distress without conscious or wilful intent; etc.

Active Neglect is the intentional failure to fulfil care-giving obligations; infliction of physical or emotional stress or injury; abandonment; denial of food, medication, personal hygiene; etc.

Contact Information

  • To report elder abuse, contact the EPS Complaint line at 780-423-4567
  • To report or for more information on elder abuse, contact the Seniors Protection Partnership at 780-477-2929.

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