Posted on: May 3, 2019

TOONIE TALK – “7 Tips For Writing Your Will

– Presented by Stacy Maurier founding lawyer at Estate Connection Law Firm

We had a great turn out in our Community Cafe with over 55 people attending the presentation!

During the presentation, Stacy outlined things like:

  • Why we need a Will and other Estate Planning documents,
  • What happens when we do not have a Will here in Alberta,
  • She showed us an example of a “Holograph Will” that was written on the side of a tractor and accepted as a valid Will!
  • How to choose your Executor,
  • Rules for giving gifts in your Will, and
  • What is “Probate”


Everyone in attendance received 2 documents:

  1. A Will Review Checklist – Stacy encouraged everyone in attendance to pull out their Will and review the checklist to see if their Will was still valid or if it was maybe time for it to be updated, and
  2. a “Where Everything Is” Checklist. This is 4 page worksheet that she encouraged everyone to complete and include with our Wills.  The purpose of this document is to help your Executor locate your bank accounts, investments and other valuables when settling your estate.  Stacy advised that by completing this document, we would all save your Executor over 30 hours of work!


Watch our Fall Program Guide for Stacy’s 2 presentations.  She will be covering “Leaving A Legacy In Your Will” and her second presentation will be a repeat of this Toonie Talk, for those of you who were not able to attend!

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