Posted on: October 1, 2019

We have received many questions over the last several months as to why we have cut off dates for ticket sales for Special Events and Travel trips as well as why we ask you to sign up ahead of time for Toonie Talks.

For our Special Events and Travel Trips
We have volunteer committees for both of these and they work very hard to put together entertainment, food, decorations etc. for special events and transportation, admission etc. for trips.  Many of these things need to be booked or purchased ahead of time and sometimes require deposits and cancellations by a certain date.  By having cut off dates:
  1. We have time to ensure we have sold enough tickets to run the event on a cost recovery basis.
  2. It gives us time to make final arrangements and complete purchases.
  3. We also do not usually sell tickets at the door for events as we have already planned on a certain number for food, prizes etc.


Pre-Registering For Toonie Talks
For our Toonie Talks, we ask you to sign up ahead of time so that we can ensure we have enough people coming to make it worthwhile to hold the talk.  We wouldn’t want to have a presenter make the time to come to our centre and present and not have anyone come.  It also makes it easier for the presenter to bring enough hand outs for the people attending.


We Need Your Help!
All of these events, trips and Toonie Talks are typically advertised at least 2 months in advance to give our members lots of time to purchase their tickets.  So, make sure you get your tickets early or pre-register for your Toonie Talks to avoid disappointment.    We have lots of great things happening and love to have as many people as possible able to enjoy them.

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