Posted on: January 21, 2019

Dear WSAC members, over the past few months, Westend Seniors Activity Centre has gone through a lot of positive changes, making us one of the best Senior Centres in Edmonton. In order to make all of these great changes happen, I have assembled a highly qualified and capable team since June 2018. Although you may have met them or known them through day to day interactions or through our website or display board, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of our team members.

Sabine Burgess – Office Manager: Everyone knows Sabine. She has been helping us run the Centre for almost two decades! If you want to know anything – just ask her. She has covered for virtually every position in the Centre throughout the years and is responsible for the Centre’s smooth operation of day-to-day business.

Heather Riberdy – Program Manager: Her contribution can be reflected by simply listing how many programs she’s responsible for – Recreation Program, Volunteer Program, Rental Program, and Seniors Home Support Program.

Shelley Kulak – Recreation Coordinator: How much do you enjoy the new Winter Program Guide? And you will be impressed again with the new Spring/Summer Program Guide. She is going to be your best “friend” in the Centre.

Lorena Smalley – Marketing & Communications: You may only know her through our daily Facebook posts, but she is a true behind-the-scene star for establishing the Centre’s Marketing & Communications platform. Staff and Board Members’ Google Suite, Monthly e-Newsletter for members, Community Connectors Program, Facebook, YouTube, Website, the list just goes on.

Kathy Dicks – Accounting Services: We are very fortunate to have Kathy join the team and help us with accounting services by bringing her decades of expertise and experience.

Aniema Joseph – Kitchen Coordinator: Have you noticed the positive changes happening in our Community Cafe, such as food quality, diversity and customer service? Ani listens to you and has been improving our program continuously.

Tracey Treidler – Kitchen Assistant: Tracey enjoys coming to work every day and it shows! She loves working with the volunteers she trains and schedules in the kitchen. Tracey helps Ani place food orders, assists with daily meal preparation and with catering various events.

Samuel Agustin – Kitchen Help: A hard working man who has been serving the Centre over a decade. Doesn’t talk much, but gets the job done.

New Team Member:

Shalini Sinha – Community Outreach Coordinator: Our new team member who just joined us in late January. A very talented community builder and communication expert. Please welcome her when you see her in the Centre and support her work with a big hug and smile. Outreach is one of our Center’s Core services, WSAC is always here to support you.

Two Support Team Members:

Donna Chaffee – Administration Support: I call her a multi-talented “floater”. She’s been assisting myself in Policy and Procedures and helping other staff in basically everything administrative. You may not see her walking around in the Centre, but her contribution shouldn’t be ignored.

Liliana – Janitorial Service: This Centre is a warm, clean, and welcoming place for seniors. Liliana is the person who makes sure you have that beautiful feeling. You will see her all the time in the Centre, please thank her for her great work and the differences she has made for this organization.

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