Posted on: January 6, 2020

Why did you not have Total Fit, Dance Fit and Stretch classes this week? Who makes this decision? Why don’t you communicate with members instead of making one sided, authoritarian decisions?

Each term, we create the schedules in conjunction with the programs team and the instructors. Much communication occurs during the creation of each guide with members, instructors, volunteers and staff. The programs team relies on the instructors to know their classes the best, as well as to set limits for themselves as to a healthy work load.

Breaks between sessions have been schedule to allow for:

  • Time for make up classes, in case a class needs to be cancelled for instructor illness;
  • Instructor vacation and/or wellness breaks;
  • Programming space for other one day programs;
  • Maintenance of the facility.

We have removed some of the breaks for the Winter 2020 session in hopes of serving you better. Ultimately, however, if the instructor prefers the break, we will continue to honor that.

Please note that the programs are a very large puzzle, requiring many staff, instructor and volunteer hours. Though we do try to accommodate every request, it unfortunately is not always possible.

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