Posted on: June 28, 2019

Requests From The Programs Department


Over the past few months, we have noticed a decrease in the inventory of several pieces of fitness equipment. Particularly, we are missing:

  • Pickleball racquets
  • Therapy Bands
  • Weights

If you have discarded broken equipment or mistakenly taken the items to new locations or home, please tell the staff. As well, please return all items borrowed as soon as possible. All equipment at WSAC is to stay in the room where it is regularly kept as it is used by many members across a variety of programs. All programs at WSAC are run on a cost recovery basis; thus, we have a very limited budget for purchasing new equipment and supplies. Replacing missing equipment cannot and will not take first priority. We appreciate your support to keep our centre running at its best by keeping our equipment in the learning spaces.


As our centre continues to grow, we have received communication regarding noise carrying from one space to another. Though we recognize that external sounds can be bothersome to some programs – we are a thriving, bustling activity centre and activities, by their nature, can be loud. As such, we need your patience and understanding for the extra sounds in the environment.  If you have a particular issue that you would like addressed, we suggest the following course of action:

  1. Speak with the group or individual that you believe is creating the increased noise, with a mutually respectful attitude. Kindness goes a long way! Perhaps they are unaware of the noise carrying through the building and a simple conversation will help all involved.
  2. If the situation remains bothersome to you, please contact Shelley Kulak, Recreation Coordinator, for assistance to resolve the issue.

As per our Member Code of Conduct, we would like to remind all members to approach such situations with a positive attitude so that a resolution that best meets everyone’s needs can be found.

Thank you!

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