Posted on: November 1, 2019

Have you noticed how busy our centre has been over the past several months? We are definitely growing! We are ever expanding, trying to bring new courses to the WSAC members. As such, many classes run back to back with each other. For that reason, we want our valued members to know that the time assigned to each program is to be used for the set up, the program itself and clean up of the space. Class times can be found in our program guide. We have asked the instructors to adhere to their schedule to allow the next class to start on time. Thank you for helping us to keep things running smoothly!


Please note that all drop-in programs will be cancelled on November 8 as the centre will be hosting our annual Remembrance Day Service. Thank you for your understanding and we do hope that you will join us in remembering those who have served so that we may enjoy our freedom today.


On October 16, our Pickleball volunteers, Dolores, Lorne and Ryan,  met with the Recreation Co-ordinator, Shelley Kulak, to discuss how best to meet the drop-in program’s needs for the upcoming winter term.  The following ideas were created as a consensus between the players and WSAC staff and we are happy to implement them:


Payment For Pickleball

  • Effective November 1, payment for the drop in pickleball program will be made at the gymnasium, utilizing the current WSAC drop-in program payment method.
  • Members will sign in on paper and pay the fee into the basket.
  • Staff will count the funds after each session daily in order to reconcile it.
  • There will continue to be a maximum of 16 members per session.
  • We encourage you to also sign in on the computer daily as that is how we monitor the numbers of players for funding and program planning purposes.


Reserving Pickleball Play Times

  • Effective December 1, there will be a sign up system posted outside of the gym where members can reserve their play time, for up to a week in advance.
  • This will be done on a first come, first served basis.
  • The rationale for this system is to allow for busy seniors to plan their week, including their pickleball play time, without being disappointed when they arrive to WSAC and are met with a full court. 
  • Please Note: We encourage members to be courteous and sign up for a second session on any given day only on that day and only if there are spots available at play time. As such, everyone will have a fair chance to play. 


Levels of Play

  • For the winter term, beginning in January 2020, there will be two beginner time slots during the week held on Tuesday and Friday.
  • One of the beginner time slots will be facilitated by our volunteers for those needing to learn the rules of play.
  • The current time devoted to the intermediate and experienced players will be designated as, “drop-in pickleball” where any level of player can play.
  • The time will continue to be divided into two slots, consisting of approximately 100 minutes of play time.
  • The time slots will vary slightly from the current schedule to eliminate the 15 minute gap between sessions.
  • We encourage members to end their play time at the appropriate time to allow the second session players to begin on time.


  1. The cost will remain the same at $2 per session per day.
  2. Please see the winter guide due out in December for specific times of play.

It is hoped that by implementing the changes mentioned, players will find the venue a more positive environment in which to play and that the spirit of fun can be enjoyed by all. 


As well, we would love to hear your feedback on the golf program! Please share your thoughts by completing our survey on our website at


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