Posted on: August 18, 2019

Karen Murdock, founder of Your Organized Friend is a member of the Westend Seniors Activity Centre’s, Friends of WSAC business program.  Karen has been a guest speaker here at our centre since 2017, providing educational Toonie Talks on home organizing, downsizing, and this fall she will be hosting a Toonie Talk on creating a Photo Legacy .  

This month’s we are happy to share Karen’s thoughts on “Bringing The Life Back Into Your Home”


Guest Blog Post:
Karen Murdock, Owner of Your Organized Friend

Bringing the Life Back into Your Old Home

There is nothing quite like moving into a new home and making it your own. The limitless possibilities make a weekend of shopping and cleaning feel as exciting as an exotic vacation. Every new chair, accent rug and piece of artwork on the wall is a small step towards making your dreams come to life. But after living there for a few years, the spark can fade and your space can start to feel less inspiring. Instead of taking an inspirational rut as a sign that you need to move, try a few of these cheap and easy ways to breathe new life into your home.

Organizing and Decluttering
After you have lived in a space for a while, it’s easy to let small things start piling up. Whether it tends to happen in your study, kitchen, living room or bedroom, decluttering and organizing is a great way to get a fresh look at your home. Consider new storage solutions to maximize your closet spaces and see if there is anything you can donate or give away to carve out some extra room throughout the rest of your home.

Add A Fresh Coat of Paint
You’d be surprised what painting your walls, ceilings, and cabinets can do to revitalize your space. Think about modern color palettes and matching your appliances as you update them. Also consider removing old wallpaper in favor of new, contemporary patterns or repainting your walls to make sure they match your furniture and another decor.

Cleaning Carpets or Installing Other Flooring
Carpet upkeep is not the most glamorous part of home cleaning but giving your carpets and rugs a like-new shine can make your space feel much less stale. If stains and damage are beyond repair, consider replacing them or ripping them up and installing a different flooring solution like tile or wood.

Replace Old Doors and Doorknobs
Add some curb appeal with a new door or simply replace your doorknob with something both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Don’t forget to update the doorknobs throughout the rest of your home to match as well.

Buy New Furniture and Redesign A Room
As you slowly acquire and replace different pieces of furniture and decor, your rooms can start to feel mismatched. Consider going the extra mile and buying the last few pieces you need to complete your room redesign to match newly painted walls or freshly cleaned flooring. Having a unified aesthetic throughout your rooms will go a long way to making your home feel complete again.

Update Light Fixtures, Switches and Outlets
You may not even realize they are there, but replacing old light switches and outlet covers can help tie together a room especially if they are cracked or dingy. Replacing light fixtures themselves can help a room truly shine; keep an eye out for matching your appliances and decor as well as maintaining a unified look to light fixtures, switches and outlets throughout your home.

Refinish Hardwood Floors
After years underfoot, show your hardwood floors a little love by restaining or refinishing them. Nothing will make you fall in love all over again like a well-cared for hardwood.

Tackle An Extreme Rehab Project
If you have already tried everything else, consider taking on the big DIY project that you have been putting off for years. Perhaps you want to knock down a wall, remodel your bathroom or install a new countertop: whatever the project, taking things into your own hands will pay back tenfold in your newfound appreciation for your home and increased resale value.


Enjoy Karen’s tips?  Watch our blog next month as she shares some tips on “The 3 Areas of your home that need serious organization”

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