Posted on: June 11, 2019

Newsletter Submission May 2019 – Outreach
By Shalini, Community Outreach Worker


Community Outreach and Social Wellness at WSAC

Our Community Outreach program is here to support you to have a more fulfilled life even with any changes that may come your way.  In WSAC Outreach, we share knowledge, create connections and generate ideas with you for solutions to experiences of change and crisis.


This month’s theme is what you didn’t know and need to know about Decluttering!

Sharing Knowledge – Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Reducing Your Possessions:

  1. Having items around that are not serving a ‘present-time’ purpose can affect our physical and mental health.
  2. A cluttered environment can affect our ability to concentrate, and drain our energy during the day.
  3. Sleeping in cluttered rooms can affect the quality of our sleep, as well as our access to a fresh and moving oxygen supply. After people have reduced the items in their homes, they often say they feel like they can breathe again!
  4. The attachment we have to the things we keep is often less about the physical objects and their practical use, and is much more about the meaning the represent to us. They remind us of family, heritage, lineage and cherished memories.
  5. Keeping too many things in our environment can prevent us from feeling hopeful about bringing new things into our life in the future.


Creating Connections at WSAC

  • Our Circle of Support group in the Centre on Thursdays at 1pm is a great place to make connections and talk about the things in our life that are important, where we want our life to go, and also about strategies to reduce things in our life that are not serving us.
  • One of our Friends of WSAC, ‘Your Organized Friend’, is a great source of information and ideas about decluttering. (Check our website and program guide for details.)
  • If you want to talk to someone about your individual situation in relation to this topic, call our WSAC Outreach at 780-483-1209.


Generating Ideas: Connecting at WSAC

Here are some ideas we came up with for solutions to the struggles of decluttering:

  • Many people say decluttering is about letting go of the past, and this can make us feel we will lose something when we let go. We can see our past in a new way by thinking of how we can make it come alive in our current life that doesn’t need to be attached to a physical item.
  • You could create a memory book of stories and photos of the items you’ve had and the meaning they have held.
  • You could focus on the wisdom and characteristics you gained from a person, rather than the thing you got from them. Keep their memory alive through stories and photos.
  • Each item is only useful as long as it is serving a purpose. It may be trapped in your environment. However, if you donate it, it might find it’s way to someone else who needs it right now. In this way, it can have a whole new life.

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