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Lorena Smalley

Did you know that you can nominate your favorite player or builder to be discussed by the CFL Hall Of Fame Selection Committee?  As part 3 of our CFL History series we thought we would share some information we found about the CFL Hall of Fame selection process, potential members and more!  We have even shared a link so you can nominate your favorite player below!


CFL History – Part Three – Hall Of Fame Selections And The Selection Process

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame represents all levels of Football in Canada both amateur and professional. There can be no less than 5 individuals and no more than 7 selected each year. The committee decides on how many inductees will be inducted each year.

The categories are further broken out:

  • Builder: Professional & Amateur (One each per year)
  • Player: Professional, Veteran and Amateur
  • For a person to be nominated the forms must be submitted to the Hall of Fame prior to the deadline of October 31st.

The nomination is received and that name is put forward to the Selection Committee, nominations must be accompanied by two names from the selection committee that endorse that nomination. If the nomination does not receive two names that nomination is dropped.
The selection committee meets once a year in person. Once endorsed that person is put on the first ballot for consideration, at the selection meeting for a nomination to move forward that person must receive 75% of the vote to move to the second ballot.If that nomination receives between 34% and 74% that person stays on first ballot for future consideration anything less that 33% that nomination is dropped.

On second ballot voting all 14 voting members have a vote all nominations are discussed and they are voted on in a descending order i.e. 14 being your highest vote 1 being the least favorite.The top candidates that receive the votes based on Player or Builder receive induction into the Hall of Fame. In the player category an individual can stay on the list for no more than 25 years if not elected that person would go to the Veterans category for discussion.


Make sure to visit The CFL Hall of Fame website to see its list of all the players and builders who are eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame!

CLICK HERE to see if your favorite players are eligible!  To formally nominate your favorite player or builder to be discussed by the selection committee,  please see the Nomination Form.


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