Posted on: April 28, 2019

Community Outreach and Social Wellness at WSAC


Our Community Outreach program is there to help you to keep leading a bigger and more fulfilled life even with any changes that may come your way.  In WSAC Outreach, we share knowledge, create connections and generate ideas with you for solutions to experiences of change and crisis.

This month’s theme is Caregiver Support!

Sharing Knowledge – The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Caregiving:

  1. Caregiving is complicated – it is loving and rewarding, and also isolating and exhausting.
  2. Almost half of all Canadians become a caregiver at some time. Most often, they are caring for parents. (stats Canada)
  3. Caregiver Burnout is a very real experience caused by prolonged overwhelm and exhaustion related to caregiving, which causes real health risks.
  4. Research shows that elderly caregivers are at a 63% higher risk of mortality than non-caregivers, and that 70% of caregivers over the age of 70 will die before their loved one. (University of Pittsburgh)
  5. It’s hard for Caregivers to recognize that prioritizing support for themselves is essential to providing sustainable care for their loved one.

Creating Connections: WSAC Outreach’s Partnership with Eldercare Caregiver Support Coordinator

  • Cori Szostak is a dedicated Caregiver Support Coordinator.
  • Cori provides support 1:1 and through a support group – Wednesdays at 1:30-3:30 in the Eldercare Edmonton Office at 17203-99 th Ave (2nd floor, Lifestyle’s Options Building). Call 780.434.4747 ext. 101 to register. This program is free.
  • Call Shalini in WSAC Outreach at 780-483-1209 to connect with Caregiver supports at WSAC, and to share what you think would help Caregivers in our community.

Generating Ideas: Connecting at WSAC

Here are some ideas we came up with for solutions to the complex challenges Caregivers face:

  • Think about where you are in the Caregiving process, and what kind of supports will help you succeed in the long-term.
  • Make time, not just for yourself, but to speak to someone about being a Caregiver.
  • Read articles and get information from this 2018 Award Winner for Best Caregiver Website: Daily Caring Check out the section on ‘Caregiver Wellness’.

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