Posted on: September 27, 2019

The Board has been working on new Policies to accompany our new Bylaws and has now approved 24 Policies dealing with various governance, membership, and other issues. Despite this the Board still wants more input regarding these new Policies from our Members over the coming months.  As a result we are starting this process by asking for written Member comments on eight of these Policies:  

Framework Policy A 1 – Objects 
Framework Policy A 2 – Mission, Vision, and Values
Framework Policy A 3 – Goals and Objectives
Governance Policy B 1 – Policy Making
Governance Policy B 2 – Board Authority and Expectations
Governance Policy B 3 – Board and Executive Director Responsibilities
Governance Policy B 4 – Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Director
Governance Policy B 5 – Human Resources
These Policies can be found in the “BOARD POLICIES” section of the WSAC website (CLICK HERE to download) or you can request a written copy of these Policies at the front desk. 
We would particularly appreciate your comments on Policy A 2 – MISSION, VISION, AND VALUES, Policy A 3 – GOALS AND OBJECTIVES, and Policy B 1 – POLICY MAKING.
Your written comments or questions (indicating which Policy or Policies the comments or questions apply to) should be put in the “Member Comments on Policies” box at the front desk or they should be e-mailed to  As well please provide your contact information along with your comments or questions.  
Please submit your comments or questions on these Policies (or any of them) on or before Wednesday, October 30th.

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