Posted on: August 6, 2019

Have you ever recalled our Centre offered so many Spring and Summer program?

Our Spring and Summer programs have been well-received and attendance at the Centre remains steady.

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming newly designed Fall 2019 Program Guide, which was available to the public on Monday, July 29.  In this Fall 2019 Program Guide, you will notice we again included the programs and services offered by many of our previous partnering organizations (i.e., Edmonton Seniors Centre, Jewish Senior Citizens’ Centre, ElderCare Edmonton) because we would like you to be aware of the senior serving organizations in different parts of the city. A few exciting additions to this guide include:

  • A full list of our Board of Directors and Staff;
  • We welcome our long-term partner Drive Happiness, and new friend, Caregivers Alberta, to our Community Connectors; and
  • A bus route map that will guide you to use the Edmonton Transit Service to access our Centre.

I look forward to seeing your smiling faces on Tuesday, August 6, which is the date you can start registering for classes to ensure a happy and healthy year ahead.

More exciting news!

We will be hosting our first ever Korean Tasty Travel Lunch on Wednesday, September 4 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Without traveling a long distance to Korea, you can enjoy an authentic Korean dish prepared by our Outreach student Nammi Kim, traditional musical entertainment and an Exhibition of Folk Paint Art. Come and join us! You can tell your friends that you have visited Korea!


Haidong’s Research Corner

I would like to share with you some shocking statistics from Alberta Health Services.

Approximately 34% of community-dwelling seniors in Canada are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition; moreover, a high rate of malnutrition in hospitalized patients (45%) is a long recognized clinical issue.

Seniors represent approximately 40% of the hospitalized population, suggesting that malnutrition may be disproportionately impacting this population. This high level of malnutrition is seen on admission to hospital, which suggests that the cause may not be related to hospital care but rather due to a lack of awareness and resources in the community.

It is estimated that approximately 30% of seniors who enter residential care could have remained at home if the correct community supports were in place. At a time when there are substantial numbers of people in acute care settings awaiting placement to residential care, it is important to find innovative ways to reduce this burden on the health care system.

Our centre’s Community Cafe Program is well aware of this challenge and is working diligently to address this issue from different levels (Lunch Program, Education, Toonie Talks, etc.)

Dr. Haidong Liang
Executive Director

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