Posted on: June 9, 2020


I saw this the other day and it made me think…..

Taking a chance is hard for some – I totally understand! I used to be just like the third row ladies, but something happened when I hit 40, and then 45, and this year, the big 5-0. I am proud to say, I am front row all the way and loving it! Will you join me?

When I visit you in the Zoom classes lately, I see some of you without the camera on. I see some of you sneaking off to the side. I’ve called some of you to check in about it – for some, there is a technical issue. Understandable! For others, I’ve heard, “But Shelley! I’m shy! I don’t want people to see me! I don’t want to see me!”  I understand – I was in that third row for a very long time, but, as my wise Grandma used to say, “Don’t worry what everyone else is thinking. They probably aren’t thinking it anyway, and even if they are – what are they worth if they think so poorly of others. Just embrace life!”

I couldn’t agree more. Everyone is most likely looking at the instructor or themselves during our Zoom classes and, even if they sneak a peek of you, remember this – YOU ARE AMAZING.  You’re doing something not many have the strength, courage, wisdom, ability or tenacity to do! For what it is worth –  we are past the age where what others think of us matters anyway! Live the dream. Be silly. Dance. Laugh. Exercise. Most important – please be safe. We want to see you at the centre on the other side of this with muscles, not a cast. You’re all extremely important to us at the centre because remember – you ARE the centre – we need you healthy and safe!

So…moving forward, please join me in the “front row”! We need everyone,  especially in fitness, yoga and dance classes, to participate with the video on to keep you safe and to have fun!

Thank you so much for your help! Keep on being strong everyone!



  • MEMBERS – Seniors who are already members of Westend Seniors Activity Centre can register for our courses online at
  • NON-MEMBERS – If you aren’t a member, no problem! Please email us at We’re happy to help!
  • NEW CLASSES – New programs are now available! Check back often to see the next series or new classes. Register early to avoid disappointment as classes are filling!



We are VERY happy to let you know that the refunds for classes cancelled due to the pandemic will be entirely completed by Monday, June 19th.  We thank everyone for their patience as we worked through the mountain! Some refunds are being done by cheque and some are being processed back to credit cards.

  • Final cheques will be processed on Wednesday, June 17 and will then be mailed.
  • Final credit card transactions will be processed no later than June 15. Please contact your bank if you have not received your refund by the end of the month. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions and again – thank you!
The Programs Department

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