Westend Seniors Home Support Programs

We understand, that maintaining the independence and emotional connection of being able to stay in your own home is a common concern for seniors.  Sometimes all that is required is some assistance with maintenance, security and daily living.


We will provide you with a list of 3 service providers to contact. This will allow you to get quotes on costs BEFORE you choose to use their services!

All Service Providers go through a vetting process with the Seniors Home Support Program that includes and Application and Service Agreement, a Confidentiality Agreement and an interview with the program coordinator.  They also have to provide references and relevant documents in relation to insurance, liability and police information checks.

We can refer you to vetted businesses that offer services in the following areas:

  • Snow Removal
  • Yard Work
  • House Keeping
  • Minor Repairs
  • Moving Help
  • Personal Services

Need assistance? Call us today (780) 483-1209.

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Get more customers by registering with the Seniors Home Supports Program referral service

If you are a business that provides snow removal, yard help, housekeeping, home repair and maintenance, personal services, or moving help we encourage you to register with the Seniors Home Supports Program. Seniors Home Supports Program is always looking for new organizations or businesses willing to extended their services and time to helping Edmonton’s senior community.

Individuals and Community Groups

Earn extra money or volunteer by making a difference by helping seniors

If you are an individual or community group that wants to raise funds or make a difference in your community, our program allows you to earn extra money by helping seniors with snow removal or yard work. By helping seniors with these tasks you’ll be giving them peace of mind and helping them stay safe.

How to Apply

Step 1

  • Obtain a Police Information Check.  Please note: Police Clearance Checks are only required for individuals and community groups.  Businesses are exempt if they have had Police Clearance Checks done on their employees as part of their Liability Insurance application.

Step 2

  • Get two references from people you have worked with or know you well

Step 3

  • Complete the Waiver of Liability form available below.  The Waiver of Liability only needs to be completed by individuals and community groups who have not obtained insurance.  Please note: All business must provide insurance documents.

Step 4

  • Call out office to set up an interview with Heather Riberdy at (780) 483-1209

Step 5

  • Once you are approved, you will sign a service agreement

Still have questions?  Please click on this link to see a FAQ page from the Seniors Home Support website

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Forms for Application

Apply as a business, individual, or community organization to help seniors in Edmonton with the Seniors Home Supports Program.

The purpose of this Agreement is to establish a formal agreement between the Seniors Home Support Program partners and the Service Provider.

The purpose of this Agreement is to establish a formal agreement to protect all confidential information acquired in the course of involvement with the Seniors Home Supports Program.

The purpose of this Waiver is to establish a formal agreement between the Westend Seniors Activity Centre and the Service Providers regarding insurance, injury, and related income and taxes.