I’d love to take a moment and tell you a little about myself and my company.  My name is Karen and along with my amazing team of caring professionals  we are “Your Organized Friend.”

We are committed as Professional Organizers to helping people through all life transitions and the clutter that often accompanies those transitions.  Our clients include busy professionals,  young moms, families, baby boomers, widows and retired seniors all with a similar request, to have their lives simplified and have organized homes that have been decluttered and downsized.

Fun Fact, we truly do things differently!  Are main objective is to work with our clients to meet all their needs by empowering them and lifting them up when they need a little extra  TLC.   We have been called the social workers of the organizing world and life coaches for your stuff. Love those fun little titles!

Your Organized Friend offers a wide variety of services to help you deal with the things you own in the way you need to deal with them no matter the circumstances.

We help people with moving/pack & unpacking even coordinating all the services and making all the notifications on their behalf.  We are like daughters on call for our senior clients as we help them manage their move.  If you are looking for Senior Helpers for your parents I’ll be glad to assist you and your family and connect them to the right professional. We are the perfect solution for the family that is scattered across the globe.

Many Executors get overwhelmed and need help.  We always hear that they are way out of their comfort zone, they are so busy with work and life not to mention their own grief that they are frozen and just can’t do it.  That’s where we come in.  We do as little or as much as you need.  To find out more please visit our page on Executor Assistance Services.

We love to get to know our clients and hear their stories so we can customize solutions. That’s why I like to start with a  “Meet and Greet” and move on to designing solutions and of course finish with implementation of the recommended solutions and systems using the right member or members of our team of professionals.

Be sure to ask about our home cleaning services and organizing maintenance program available now.  We send a team of two to your home helping you to achieve the ultimate goal of a clean and organized home.  Please click here to find out more about this special program.  No more “tiding” more the housekeeper comes.

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