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As a newly established “Friends of WSAC” member, Revolution Cycle is pleased to announce that we will be providing free eBike demonstrations as well as reduced senior rates for our eBike river valley tours and discounts on bicycles/eBikes from our store.

For those of you who do not already know, an eBike is a bicycle where the rider’s pedaling is assisted by a small electric motor. However, unlike some other types of eBikes with throttles on the handle bar to control the electric motor, our eBikes are classified as conventional bicycles rather than as a type of electric moped. Our eBikes include an electronic controller which cuts power to the motor when the rider is not pedaling or when a certain speed has been reached (in Canada 32 km/h). eBikes are useful for anyone who wants to get out and ride a bicycle again, but lack the power and stamina to complete a bike ride with long hill sections or strong head winds. If you have mobility issues or simply feel like going for a long bike ride is a daunting task, an eBike is for you! Can’t wait to see everyone at our demo day and information session this July!



The Revolution began in 1991. Since then we’ve radically changed the bike buying experience in Edmonton by attracting some of the best bicycle industry talent around. The Revolution team is simply the most experienced, most committed and most passionate group of cyclists serving cyclists you will encounter at any bike shop, anywhere!

As the revolution rolls on, we remain defiant against big box mediocrity, false co-op propaganda and internet predation, knowing that we will never let the wheels stop turning. The world of bicycles will continue to evolve and we will keep pace at the front of the pack. We’re here for the hardcore enthusiast, the weekend warrior and the casual cyclist.

Revolution Cycle is now Canada’s largest Independent Bicycle Retailer under one roof. In our single flagship location is a dazzling selection of Bicycles of all styles from the top names in the industry. And now, with the growing popularity of eBikes, we feel like things are just getting started all over again… and we cannot wait to help you find your perfect ride!


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