Frank Flaman started his company in 1959 (60 years ago) by purchasing some farming equipment in bulk amounts for himself and his friends. That pivotal moment sparked what has now become Flaman Group of Companies. Fast forward a few year, Frank bought a treadmill for himself so he could stay in shape during the cold winter months. After seeing Frank’s exceptional physique when it became spring and time to start farming again, his friends began to ask him to help get them treadmills as well. Since then, Flaman Fitness has grown to become the largest independent fitness equipment retailer in western Canada.

In recent years, Frank came to need some help getting around and staying independent. Continuing in his efforts to help provide quality products for his community, Flaman Fitness began to carry Healthcare items. This includes items such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom safety items and electric beds.  In 2018, Frank Flaman officially retired. In retiring, Frank donated 90% of his company to the Frank J. Flaman Foundation, which we can proudly say gives over one million dollars to charities both in the local area and abroad each year.

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